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The Last Road Dog Sanctuary History

A Pet's Dreamland

We have adopted and made part of our family 32 dogs, cats, and horses over the past 30 years. We are now accepting new members to our family and at the same time helping people in distress over the future care of their pet when they cannot and those animals that adoptable and often forgotten. We have a large ranch home on 42 acres of property in Cheney, just outside of Spokane, Washington that is completely safe. All our animals spend the night inside the house with us, safe and sound. Outdoor pets can go outside in a fenced yard that is 2.5 acres with grass and trees.

Charitable Organization 

The Last Road Dog is an IRS 501 (c) (3)  animal welfare public charitable organization and is registered with the Charities Program of the Washington Secretary of State.   Registration #: 2000981 


Your Pet is Our Pet


As your Pet’s Guardian Angel, we promise will: 

· pick up your Pet and transport them to The Last Road Dog Sanctuary; 

· provide cared for your Pet as one of ours and they will be loved and cared for as part of our family; 

· all the necessities your Pet is accustomed to and they shall not be subjected to any environment where they might be neglected, harmed or mistreated; 

· have a minimum of 6 hours of human contact and interaction daily and will not be left unattended for more than 4 hours; 

· provide your Pet with the same or comparable quality food and nutrition as they are currently accustomed; 

· ensure consistent exercise to manage their health and overall quality of life; 

· schedule and ensuring proper veterinary care and treatment and seen by a licensed veterinarian at least once a year where the veterinarian will evaluate their health and welfare; 

· maintain regular grooming appointments including regular baths, nail trimming, and haircuts; 

· receive all your Pet’s prescribed medication and medical or therapeutic treatment recommended by their veterinarian; 

· when your Pet dies, their body will be cremated and their ashes will be returned in a gift case and buried as you direct or if no direction, in marked grave at The Last Road Dog Sanctuary; 

· this guardianship of your Pet is a lifetime commitment we will be your Pet’s Guardian Angel for their entire life and provide the following without exception: 

· an indoor-only home at night with outdoor access if your Pet is normally accustomed to the outdoors; 

· provide a safe and secure home environment for your Pet; 

· we will not declaw cats; 

· we will provide a safe, fenced backyard for your Pet; 

· we will not tether dogs; 

· we will provide daily exercise for your Pet; 

· we will not debark, crop ears, dock a tail dogs; 

· we will provide the appropriate training as needed; and 

· we will not allow young children to be around your Pet without supervision.  


Pet Guardian Angel Agreement

We give it to you in writing in our Pet Guardian Agreement and 

you can have a Trustee for your pet keep tabs on us for even more trust.  You can download our standard agreement in the download section of our site.  

About Us



 The Last Road Dog is managed by Drew, Ame and Maddy Pitt and do not get paid any money for the care and love of the animals at the TLRD. They have donated their 42-acre ranch outside of Cheney with a large Australian Farmhouse, garage and barn to TLRD along with a 1995 Dodge 2500 pickup truck, 2016 Mahindra 4x4, a tractor, a 2-horse trailer and much more. TLRD is an approved 501 (c) (3) public charity and a registered charitable Washington State non-profit professional service corporation. Thus, any donation made is tax-deductible. The real heroes are all our donners, large and small that will make this project work. Without their unending compassion, endless love and unlimited generosity we could not exist. Thank you one and all.  



Drew and Ame were certified as volunteers by SPCA in Los Angeles from 1988 - 2002. Drew sat on the Wood River Valley Animal Shelter's Board of Directors in 2005 & 6. Drew and Ame also acted as co-chairs for the Shelter's Main Annual Summer Fund Raiser.