Thank You Laura & Chris for Your Generous Donation in Memory of your Beloved Bandit


Bandit will be dearly missed, but we all know he is having a great time in  paradise - over the rainbow bridge into doggie Heaven.

Anxiously looking forward to his reunion with his loved ones.

In Memory of Bandit - LOVING Friend to Laura & Chris







Always Cuddling



Testimonials - By Those Who Know Us Best

No Questions Asked

 “In 1989, Drew & Ame without any questions accepted our two dogs when we could no longer take care of them; we thought we could go into a drug rehab program and then return in 30 days to take our pups back. We never did return. Drew and Ame didn't need to know why and didn't even ask any questions they kept, cared for and loved Mariah and Caviar for the rest of their lives. They are best and we trust them completely.” Thanks, Don Stone & Sharon Roberts, West Los Angeles, CA.

Our Generous Donors Say


We love The Last Road Dog and its owners Drew and Ame along with Maddy their daughter. Drew and I went to high school together and we have been friends ever since. They have rescued, adopted and loved more than 30 dogs and cats over the years on their own. They started The Last Road Dog as a sanctuary for older and troubled dogs, cats and horses. They also do doggie daycare and boarding while they have the vacancies to do it.  I would trust them without reservation with my dogs, who I treat like family, because they treat all dogs like family and love them unconditionally. They are experienced and responsible as anyone can be. They are the best. 

Submitted by Chris 

I have known Drew since high school and we play together on a senior hockey team together, named The Last Road Dogs after his sanctuary in Cheney, Washington (“TLRD”). I know Drew and his wife have rescued and adopted as their own more than 30 dogs, cats, and horses. They now run The Last Road Dog as a sanctuary for people with pets that find themselves in distressed situation and need someone to take care of their pets because they can’t. TLRD also is a sanctuary for older and problem dogs with behavioral or medical problems that makes them almost unadoptable. TLRD is a public animal welfare charity approved as a 501 (c)(3) organization. TLRD now also provides doggie daycare and overnight boarding while they have the room to do so. I would trust and recommend Drew and TLRD to anyone looking to for someone to take care of their beloved pets. They treat all dogs like part of the family. They have both experienced and are responsible. I would recommend Drew and TLRD without reservation. 

Submitted by Jim 


Our 1st Vet: Dr. Warren Gardner, DVM

Just What the Doctor Ordered

"Drew and Ame have always provided their dogs and cats with the best of care. For many years, I was proud to have acted as their primary veterinarian for their 10 dogs and 7 cats over the years. In my opinion, you would be lucky to have them care for your pet. You would be assured that your loved pet would be in the best of care and receive nothing less than total and  endless love.”  December, 2011 from Warren L Garner, DVM, Sierra Veterinary Clinic, 17755 Sierra Hwy, Santa Clarita, CA 91351; (661) 252-3333. Dr. Garner passed away in January 2012 and was loved by all that knew him. See his obituary